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Working instructions Part I

Part I of the Instruction Manual gives a general description of the set and it's specification.

It also provides detailed instructions on how to operate the set and all it's different operating modes.

The manual also provides instructions on first line maintenance and basic fault finding.

This is Not a genuine manual but a "Constructed Manual" in period style.

To date no original manual for the ZA1 Mk-2 has been found.

It is widely believed that because of the small number of sets manufactured no proper manual was ever issued.  Instead a few typewritten sheets being all that was provided for the guidance of operators.

The text in this "constructed" manual is taken from what is belived to be a copy made in 1949 of the original typed sheets.

This text has been combined with recent photographs of a surviving ZA1 Mk-2 to produce a manual in period style.
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Updated June 2014