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ZC1 Radio
Wellington City Archives [00009:135:6/1116]

The factory and offices of Radio Corporation of New Zealand Ltd, were spread across a number of mainly small buildings built on six different adjacent property lots running between Courtenay Place and Wakefield Street. The street address was given as 80 Courtenay Place but most of the maze of factory buildings were accessed by a private lane, called "Courageous lane", which opened onto Wakefield St.

Before the war, Radio Corporation built domestic radios and a wide range of electrical goods. During the war the factory was given orders for the manufacture of the ZC1 military radio. The factory, equipped with heavy presses and other metal working machinery, produced a range of military equipment for the war effort from Steel Helmets to Sten Guns.

Some years after the war the Radio Corporation was sold to the English radio company PYE, which in turn was taken over a number of years later by Phillips Industries. The six properties making up the factory site were sold in 1960.

Radio Corporation Courtenay Place 1939
Updated May 2019