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At the outbreak of World War 2, Collier and Beale was one of New Zealand's leading radio design and manufacturing companies. Established in 1926, by radio engineer Percy Collier and his partner Gordon Beale who was the company's administrator/accountant. The company made everything from domestic broadcast receivers to high power shortwave transmitters.
Located in Ghuznee St., the factory was located where Glover Park now is, while the administration offices were located on the opposite side of the road. At the time of writing this building still exists.
During the war the company also occupied a number of adjacent buildings including number 68 which was used for special projects. This building, under 24 hour military armed guard, was where development work on RADAR sets and other top secret projects was undertaken. A special permit was required for admission, most Collier and Beale workers had little or no knowledge of the work undertaken there.
The iconic ZC1 radio was developed during 1942 by Collier and Beale.

Admin block Collier and Beale 1951

Gordon Beale

Percy Collier
Radio Engineer

Updated June 2014