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ZC1 Mk-1 types
General Information

ZC1 Mk-1 type 1
Easily recognised by the two meters mounted on plates. 

Produced in small numbers, this version was fitted with an aerial current meter. IF transformers with fixed cores and variable capacitors were used. It is probable that only the sets made by Collier and Beale during the trial production run were fitted with an RF Meter.

ZC1 Mk-1 type 2
Following the success of the Collier and Beale built trial-production sets the production of 1000 sets was authorised. However, considerable difficulty was experienced in obtaining certain components, especially meters and by April 1942 only sufficient material for the manufacture of 750 sets of the 1000 sets authorised was available.

The ongoing lack of meters forced a minor redesign during the first production run so that only one meter was required. The redundant meter hole left in the remaining stock of already manufactured front panels was covered with a metal plate fitted with a watch holder. Sets manufactured with this modification became known as the Mk-1 type 2. Less than 1000 of this type were made.

ZC1 Mk-1 type 3 the final production model

The above set is a ZC1 Mk-1 version 3. Four thousand of this version were produced making it the most numerous version made of the Mk-1.

These sets used a different type of IF coil.

A watch holder was mounted directly to the front panel.

Updated May 2018