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The ZC1 Radio Site for eveything known about this set.
1.  The first few ZC1 Mk-1's were fitted with two meters.  One, a 500mA thermocouple type RF Meter, was discontinued in later sets because of the difficulty in obtaining large quantities of suitable meters. Although such a meter is useful it is not essential and it was found expedient to discontinue fitting them.

2.  The meter used was a Standard DC milliampere meter fitted with a small internal thermocouple.  The thermocouple permitted the RF output of the set to be measured and displayed.

  • Not all meters labeled as RF Meters contain thermocouples, many such meters from this period  used external thermocouples.
  • The low power and delicate thermocouples used are easily overloaded and damaged.
About construction and operation of typical Thermocouple RF Meter.
Actual meter used in a ZC1.
Updated May 2018