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AREC Modified ZC1

This ZC1 has been modified for AREC working although the only external sign of this is the small knob by the top right hand side of the meter. The three position switch permits the choice of VFO or two crystal controlled AREC frequencies.
After it's withdrawal from AREC service the set was stored for a number of years in an inoperative condition. Club member George MacLean worked his magic restoring it to full working condition. Now working somewhat better than a typical ZC1, this set joins the ZC1-Radioclub collection as an example of an AREC service modified set. Basically in good condition this set still requires minor cosmetic work to it's case to fully complete restoration.

Only indication on the outside that this set has been modified

The set required a new power transformer, a couple of new electrolytic capacitors and a resistor.
Other component value changes made to improve transmitter power out, modulation depth and minimise hash from the vibrator were completed in accordance with AREC recommendations since the set was first modified.

Top view showing TX crystals from rear
Top view showing TX crystals from front
Updated June 2018